Terms Of Use


1.The Service is Escrow Service between Investors and Trade Groups trading cryptocurrencies.

Other Trade Groups that do not directly trade on exchanges can be also presented at the Service upon agreement with the Service administration.
  • The Service also offers its own investment program. The terms of the Service investment program are stipulated in the corresponding Agreement.
  • The Service provides an opportunity for Trade Groups to make their investment proposals and Investors to choose Trade Groups from the list and invest in them.
  • The Service provides technical support of the site, where transactions between the Investors and Trade Groups take place.
  • The Service charges fees for services provided by the Service.

  • The Service is an independent international organization with the following objectives:
  • making profit from operation of the Service;
  • Liberalization of the Trade in cryptocurrencies and creation of opportunities for making profit for civilians, who do not have sufficient expertise to trade in cryptocurrencies on their own;
  • popularization of independent decentralized cryptocurrencies as universal payment instruments.

2.The Service operation is regulated by these Terms of Service, describing clear and in detail mechanisms of the Service operation.

3.The Service is not responsible for consequences arising from the use of the Service, neither for refusal from using the Service.

4.Every person, registering at the Service, thereby confirms that they:

  • have clear understanding of the Service operation;
  • have read the Terms of Service and understood everything stated therein;
  • waive any and all claims for the Service that may arise during the use of the Service.

1.To make an investment to a Trade Group, Investor have to:

  • Sign UP/Register at the Service;
  • Deposit funds to account balance;
  • select a Trade Group from the list;
  • read and accept the Investment Agreement of selected Trade Group;
  • make a deposit using funds from Available balance.

2.The profit is accrued every day at 00:00:00 (UTC).

3.Investors can withdraw or compound (if compounding function is allowed by the Trade Group) profit daily.

4.If it allowed by Trade Group, Investor can withdraw the principal deposit:

  • in full, after deposit expiration;
  • with a fee, if Investor wants early withdrawal.

5.If Trade Group does not allow principal deposit withdrawal, the principal deposit is included into the daily profit payments.

6.The Service offers and insists to use two-factor authentication (2FA) features. The Service has several 2FA options. An Investor, who wants to protect himself from unauthorized access to his account, must use 2FA features.

7.The Service is not liable if Investor’s funds were stolen from his account due to his refusal to use 2FA features.

8.The Service guarantees the safety of cryptocurrency at Investors' and Trade Groups’ accounts only provided that above recommendations are followed.


1.The Service is not responsible and can’t be responsible for activities of Trade Groups, which proposals are placed on the Service (except for its own investment proposal).

2.In order to prevent fraud and reduce consequences of a possible Trade Group bankruptcy, the Service requires a Trade Group to transfer funds in the Security Deposits before publishing its investment proposal.

3.If a Trade Group declares itself bankrupt, responsibility of the Service is limited to distribution and making compensation payments from the Security Deposits.

4.The size of the Security Deposits is determined by a Trade Group, but can’t be less than USD 10,000.00.

5.A Trade Group does not have access to the funds transferred to the Security Deposits and can’t use it, including for repayment of debts on profit. The money in the Security Deposits is intended solely for compensations to Investors in case of a Trade Group bankruptcy.

6.The Service provides statistics and analysis on each Trade Group presented at the Service and offers Investor independently choose a Trade Group for investment. The Service does not accept claims on bankruptcy of Trade Groups, does not investigate the reasons of bankruptcy, does not report and makes excuses to Investors. All Investments, made by Investors in Trade Group, are made by them at their own risk.

7.In case of a Trade Group bankruptcy, all active investments, made in this Trade Group, as well as its investment proposal, are removed from the site.

8.An Investor should be aware that the higher the profit offered by a Trade Group, the higher the risk of losing his investment. The Investor is recommended not to make an investment that he can’t afford to lose. Investments made, that can be lost, should not affect the life-support of an Investor, nor be his last livelihood. An Investor independently determines the amount of risk he is willing to take.


  1. After the registration, an Investor has three balances:

    Total Capital.The amount of invested funds and funds that an Investor can use.
  2. Invested Amount.The amount of active deposits. An Investor can’t use these funds, they are frozen for the term of active deposits.
  3. Available Balance.Funds that an Investor can use. This balance is replenished at:
  • Depositing funds from cryptocurrency: BTC (Bitcoin); payment systems: AdvCash, PAYEER,etc.);
  • Receiving daily profit;
  • Receiving 6% bonus from referrals;
  • Receiving 10% Fixed Deposit bonus from referrals;
  • Transfers from other Investors;
  • Refund of the principal deposits due their expiration;
  • Refund of the principal deposits due to early withdrawal;
  • Compensation from Security Deposit in case of a Trade Group bankruptcy.

6.An Investor can have the following transactions within the Service:

  • (a) Load funds from  (cryptocurrency: BTC; payment systems: AdvCash, PAYEER etc.).
  • (b) Transfers between Investors. The Service allows making direct transfers of funds from the account of one Investor to the account of another Investor. The transaction is irreversible.
  • (c) Funds withdraw. Requests for withdrawals are processed manually and can take up to 24 hours.
  • (d) Deposit in a Trade Group. The transaction, when an Investor invests his funds in one of the Trade Groups presented at the Service. Each Trade Group has its own terms of accepting deposits.
  • (e) profit on deposit. Daily profit from active deposits. The profit is transferred daily to the Available balance.
  • (f) Refund of the principal deposit.
  • (g) Profit from referrals. The referral program provides payment of a 6% bonus on referral deposits and 10% on fixed deposit.
  • (h) Service payments and fees. The Service payments include: fees, compensations in case of a Trade Group bankruptcy, penalties for violation of the Terms of Service.

2.The terms for accepting deposit are set by Trade Groups within the limits set by the Service. The deposit has the following characteristics:

3. Deposit term.The minimum deposit term is 90 days. A Trade Group sets the term within this range.

4. Daily profit.The daily rate of profit on active deposits made in Trade Groups. The profit can be stable (the same % every day) or varying (different % every day). The Service limits the allowable daily profit fluctuation (stable or varying one) in the range of 0.01 to 10%. The principle of Trade Groups’ operation is avoiding negative profit. If a Trade Group goes negative at the end of a Trading day, it must compensate for this negative value from its previous profit. Thus, a Trade Group reserves the right to pay a minimal profit from the promised range for an unlimited period of time.

5. Compounding function. Possible values of Compounding function:

  • (a) 0% of compounding (compounding turned off) - by default the Compounding function is turned off. An Investor receives daily profit on deposit at his Available Balance.
  • (b) 50% of compounding - half of the profit on deposit goes to the Available balance, the second half of the profit is added to the principal deposit. Thus, the principal deposit, the profit is paid on, is increased every day.
  • (c) 100% of compounding - the entire profit is added to the principal deposit every day and nothing goes to the Investor’s Available balance. As compounded profit become joined to the principal deposit, in case when refund of the principal deposit after expiration term is not allowed by the Trade Group, Investor will not get joined compounded part at the end of deposit term. At this case, an Investor can compound profit temporary to increase daily profit, but to begin recive profit to Available balance an Investor have to turn compounding function off.
  • (d) If the Compounding function is allowed by a Trade Group, it can be set (changed) by Investors to the desired value (0% / 50% /100%) at any time. Changes can’t affect the already made payments and will take effect at the next indexation of profit.

6. Early withdrawal of the principal deposit. At its discretion, a Trade Group can allow early withdrawal of funds from the principal deposit. At that, a Trade Group may sets a withdrawal fee from 10% to 50%.

7. If principal deposit is included in profit payments (it mean deposit is not refunded to Investor balance after deposit expiration term) early withdrawal of the principal deposit is impossible.

8. The Deposit is serviced under the Investment Agreement that were in force at the moment of making the deposit. It mean for already made Deposits the terms of their service can not be changed. If a Trade Group update their Investment Agreement, all new deposits will be served under new Agreement.


1. The Service profits are formed from the following fees for the use of the Service:

  • (a) The Service takes 1.0% to 2.0% of each internal transfer between Investors. For example, if an Investor AAA transfers USD 100.00 to an Investor BBB within the Service, USD 100.00 is charged from the Investor AAA’s account, while the Investor BBB will get precisely USD 99.00 to his account.
  • (b) The Service takes1.0% to 2.0% from the cryptocurrency withdrawal amount to the Investor’s wallet. For example, if an Investor makes a request for withdrawal of USD 100.00 from his Available balance, USD 100.00 will be charged from his account, but an Investor will receive precisely USD 98.00 to his Bitcoin wallet.
  • (c) The Service takes 1.0% to 2.0% of profits on deposits. This fee is deducted from the Trade Group’s account and unnoticed for an Investor.

2. The Service does not take a fee at:

  • (a) load funds to account balance;
  • (b) deposit in a Trade Group;
  • (c) refund of the principal deposit to an Investor’s account;
  • (d) transfer of invested funds to a Trade Group’s account;
  • (e) transfer of the cryptocurrency to a Trade Group’s wallets;
  • (f) receiving cryptocurrency from a Trade Group’s wallets.

3. The Service sets and takes penalties for violation of the Terms of Service:

  • (a)penalty of USD 25.00 for violating the terms of using a user picture;
  • (b)penalty of USD 50.00 or advertising sites with investment proposals in the Investor’s Bio column;
  • (c)penalty of USD 75.00 for spam or advertising sites with investment proposals on the forum;
  • (d)penalty of USD 75.00 for spam or advertising any investment proposals via private messages;
  • (e)penalty of up to USD 1000.00 for bringing yourself as a referral for a 5% bonus on your own deposit.


1. Investors get a 6% to 10% bonus on every deposit made by their referrals. For a referral to be assigned to a certain Investor, this new Investor must use a special SPONSOR ID for registration (for example: CGG000000).

2. If a user followed different referral links to the site of the Service (without registering), he is assigned to a user, whose referral link was recorded last in the browser cookies.

3 .If an Investor with a Referrer ID makes a new deposit, 6% of the deposit is transferred to the account of the Investor, he is assigned to. In this case, a Trade Group loses 6% of the deposit made to its account.

For example, if an Investor AAA brought a new Investor BBB and Investor BBB made a USD 1,000.00 deposit to a Trade Group CCC, the following will happen:

  • (a) AAA’s account will be replenished with USD 60.00 marked as Referral payment from BBB;
  • (b) BBB will have a record of USD 1,000.00 deposit made to Trade Group CCC;
  • (c) Trade Group CCC’s account will be replenished with USD 960.00 and it will be issued an obligation to service a deposit of USD 1,000.00 (if principal withdrawal is possible, when it expired, the Trade Group must profit Investor BBB 1,000.00 as well).

4. To prevent Investor scam, when the Investor receives referral 6% bonus and then immediately withdraw the principal amount, a minimum 10% fee is charged for early principal withdraw.

5. If an Investor does not have a Referral ID, a Trade Group gets preciously the amount invested to its account without deduction of 6% referral fee.


7. The Security Service carefully keeps order at the Service. This service is merciless to spammers and crooks. If the Security Service notices that an Investor is cheating and registers multiple accounts, it sends this information to the Finance Service which imposes a penalty for referring yourself.


1 The Service undertakes to keep confidential information of Investors and Trade Groups in secret and take all necessary measures to protect the confidentiality of their personal data.

2 An Investor is assigned an anonymous User ID at the registration. This parameter is generated automatically and sequentially at registration of new Investors. A User ID is not considered personal data.

3 The Service allows Investors to choose what personal data to make public. The following information can be made public:

4. Name.By default, a profile has only an anonymous User ID of an Investor. If the Name is made public, it will appear everywhere where User ID was before (on the Investor’s personal page, forum, etc.)

5.Photo (avatar) is public by default. Investor can upload his own photo or any other image as an avatar. But the Service prohibits to:

  • (a) upload photos of other people;
  • (b) upload vulgar and obscene photos;
  • (c) upload logos of websites or companies if the have some kind of investment offers;
  • (d) add text links with addresses of any sites to photos.

6. Bio. Here an Investor can post links to his personal pages on social networks or greetings to other Investors of the Service. It is prohibited to post links to sites with investment proposals.

7. Number of Referrals.

8. If using 2FA features,Investors can also make public the following information:

9. Investments (date + Trade Group).Information about dates and Trade Groups, the deposits were made in, without specifying amounts of these deposits. If an Investor publishes information about his deposits, this information also becomes public on a personal page of an Investor and the list of Investors of Trade Groups, an Investor made deposits in. Investors, not publishing information about their deposits, are not in the list of Investors of a Trade Group, although they are included in the total public number of Investors of a Trade Group.

10 Investments (date + Trade Group + amount). Information about dates and Trade Groups, the deposits were made in, including amounts of these deposits.

11. Daily profit.Information about the daily profit of the Investor on all his deposits.

12. Profit from Referrals.Total profit from referrals.

13. An Investor is fully liable for any consequences of publishing his personal data.

14. The Service guarantees Investors the privacy of inner correspondence between Investors.

15. The Service guarantees that the data provided by Investors is used only for purposes stipulated in these Terms of Service.

16. The Service guarantees not to transfer personal data of Investors or Trade Groups to a third party under no circumstances.

1.The Service has certain restrictions for the common good and order.

2. There is a limit on the creation of new correspondences with Investors (that is, a restriction on the number of Investors, who were not sent a single message in the past):

  • (a) if an Investor's balance is less than USD 100.00 he can start only new correspondences a day;
  • (b) if an Investor's balance is less than USD 500.00 he can start only 5 new correspondences a day;
  • (c) If an Investor's balance is less than USD 1,000.00 he can start only 10 new correspondences a day.

3. To send private messages to other Investors, an Investor’s total balance should be no less than USD 100.00.

4. To post a message on the forum, an Investor’s total balance should be no less than USD 100.00.

5. To send a request for establishment of a new Trade Group, an Investor must have an active deposit in any existing Trade Group of no less than USD 1,000.00.

6. In case:

  • (a) an Investor has repeatedly violated the Terms of Service;
  • (b) there is a suspicion that an Investor's account was hacked
  • an Investor’s account may be frozen for a certain period. The account is frozen until further proceedings.

7. In case an Investor has never loaded funds to his account (Total Balance = $0) and within the last 30 days did not loged into his account, the account can be blocked or sold to another Investor by Support Request for $50.


1.The Service may be present Trade Groups trading in cryptocurrencies based on the Blockchain technology. Upon prior agreement with the Service administration, the Service may also present other Groups, which main source of income is not trade in the market.

2.Applications for publishing a Trade Group’s investment proposal should be sent by one person, a representative of the Trade Group. At the time of filing an application, this representative must be an Investor and have a deposit (of no less than USD 1,000.00) in one of the Trade Groups already presented at the Service.

3.The application for servicing a Trade Group is accepted free of charge.
  1. The applicant indicates a name of the Trade Group, size of the Trade Group’s Security Deposit, projected profit, terms of deposit liabilities and other details relating to the acceptance of deposits.
  2. An application should include the following:
  • (a) Terms of accepting investments. No paragraph of terms of accepting deposits by Trade Groups should contradict the Terms of Service.
  • (b) Public description of a Trade Group. If an application is accepted, this description is published on the Service. In the description, we recommend to draw attention of potential Investors to the benefits of a Trade Group, tell about its structure, history of development and so on. It is preferably to give only information that Investors can easily verify in open sources. For example, if you say that your Trade Group has been successfully accepting investment and making payments on them for five years, you must also provide links to reliable sources, where Investors can verify this information.
  • (c) Applicant’s comments for the Service. This document will not be public, neither published if a Trade Group is declared bankrupt. In the comments, an applicant can (but not must) provide additional information, that he considers necessary and may affect the acceptance or denial of a Trade Group at the Service in the applicant's opinion.
  • (d) Trade Group’s logo. A Trade Group should have its own unique logo. This logo will be published on the page with a list of Trade Groups and on the page with the description of a Trade Group.
  • (e) Promo-kit. It must include a package of graphic banners for advertising and promotion of a Trade Group on the Internet.

4. The application should also include:
  • (a) link to the website of a Trade Group (optional);
  • (b) telephone number (required). A phone number can be of any country. A contact person must be fluent in English. In order to clarify the information, a representative of the Service must be able to contact a representative of a Trade Group around the clock, seven days a week;
  • (c) e-mail (required). If a representative of a Trade Group wants to provide additional information, such as links to the communities in social networks, he can do this in the document with comments.
  1. The CG-7 form application is examined by a special analytic committee within 7 days. During this time, a Trade Group representative must be available for a phone call and answer it if the Service makes one.
  2. The Service has the right to refuse in posting a Trade Group’s investment proposal without explanation.
  3. If the committee approves adding a new Trade Group, a representative of the Trade Group is informed about it via email.
  4. After the application is approved, a Trade Group has 72 hours to make payment to the Security Deposit. This payment is made once and goes out of control of the Trade Groups. Funds in the Security Deposit are kept on cold wallets of the Service and available only for payments to Investors if a Trade Group is declared bankrupt.
  5. Within 5 days after receipt of payment to the Security Deposit of the Service, the Service publishes information about a new Trade Group on its website. Since the publication of its investment proposal, a Trade Group can receive investments from Investors of the Service.
  6. By default, access to the control panel of a Trade Group is given to the person who sent an application for adding a Trade Group to the Service. This person can technically add new administrators to the control panel.
  7. All deposits made by Investors in a Trade Group, immediately appear at the Trade Group’s account and can be transferred to the Bitcoin wallet of the Trade Group.
  8. All deposits are transferred to the Trade Group’s account in full, except if an Investor has a Referrer ID. In this case, 6% of the deposit is transferred to an Investor, who brought the Investor making a deposit to the Service. In this case a Trade Group receives only 95% of the deposit to its account, while undertaking to serve the deposit, that 100% corresponds to the amount written off the Investor’s account.
  9. In accordance with parameters chosen at the application for establishment of a Trade Group, a Trade Group pays Investors a stable daily or variable profit in the set range. The rate of stable or variable profit can only be within the range limited by the Service: from 0.1% to 10% every day

5. A fixed rate means that a Trade Group pays a fixed rate of profit during the whole term of the deposit.

6. A variable profit means that a Trade Group pays any rate of profit within the promised range. At that, a Trade Group has the right to daily pay the minimum rate of profit in the promised range since the date of receiving the deposit.

7. Payments of variable profit mean that a Trade Group daily indicates the percentage of profit to be paid for the previous day (within the promised range). A Trade Group can’t pay more or less than promised at the establishment of a Trade Group.

8. At the variable method of payment, a Trade Group can specify in advance the rate of profit that it is going to pay in the next seven days. At that, if a Trade Group did not indicate the rate of profit for the previous day, at the time of calculating the profit, the Service automatically pays the lowest possible value.

  • The Service takes a 2.5% fee for all payments of profits made by a Trade Group.
  • At the time of calculating profits for payments to Investors, a Trade Group should have the amount of money required for payment of profits on deposits.
  • A Trade Group can’t make optional payments to Investors, that is, pay profit to some Investors and not pay others. Payments of profit are made either to everyone (if there is enough money in the account) or no one (if the funds are not enough for everyone).

9.A Trade Group, that does not have enough money to fulfill its obligations, must replenish its account and only thus repay its debts.

10. A Trade Group has 5 days to repay its debts. At that, every 24 hours a Trade Group receives a new invoice for payment of profits for the previous day.

11. A Trade Group can’t use funds transferred to the Security Deposit to pay off its debts.

12. If a Trade Group does not repay its debts within 5 days, a Trade Group is declared bankrupt and excluded from the Service.

13. If at the time of the declaration of bankruptcy, there are some funds left at the Trade Group’s account, all of them are transferred to the Security Deposit.

14. In case of bankruptcy, all Investors that made deposits in a Trade Group, that went bankrupt, are paid from the Security Deposit amounts directly proportional to investments made without taking into account the profit on deposits made. All active deposits in a Trade Groups that went bankrupt are cleared.

  1. The Service may not publish the total amount of deposits made at the request of a Trade Group and keep it a commercial secret.
  2. If for some reason, a Trade Group wants to stop cooperation with the Service and withdraw money from the Security Deposit, it shall:
  3. Other terms of accepting deposits are stipulated in a separate agreement on accepting deposits published on the page of a Trade Group. The Service provides a template of such agreement, allowing making changes to it.
  4. The agreement on accepting deposits must not include promises and guarantees of payments of profits and refund of deposits, because such promises and guarantees can’t be actually secured.
  5. If a Trade Group wants to demonstrate its will for long-term operation, it must:
  • (a) declare that it stops accepting new deposits;
  • (b) wait for the expiration of active deposits or profit Investors all deposits at once. To do this, a Trade Group must have sufficient funds on its account;
  • (c) after fulfilling all its obligations on deposits of Investors, a Trade Group can withdraw money from the Security Deposit to its account.
  • (a) work for a long time and fulfill its obligations;
  • (b) increase the size of its Security Deposit with increasing amounts of deposits accepted.



  1. Administration of the Service is entitled to unilaterally change the Terms of Service as needed.
  2. In case of publication of new Terms of Service, the Service informs about it in its social communities.
  3. New Terms of Service shall enter into force upon their publication on the Site of the Service.
  4. Investors and Trade Groups, that want to continue using the Service, must accept the new Terms of Service or refuse to use the Service.
  5. Refusal from using the Service does not change the terms under which the deposits were accepted. Similarly, the new Terms of Service can’t affect the terms under which the deposits were made.

1 An Investor, who decided to refuse from using of the Service, can withdraw his principal deposits on the terms they were made on. If the early withdrawal of deposits is impossible according to the terms of a Trade Group, before refusing to use the Service, an Investor must:

  • (a) wait for the expiry of his deposits;
  • (b) withdraw funds to his Bitcoin wallet;
  • (c) delete his account.

2.An Investor can optionally delete his account. This deletes all information connected with the account, including personal correspondence, posts on the forum, information on deposits and profits received. A deleted account can’t be recovered.