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Modou Bah

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I am a humble and gentle being in love always.... I like watching movies,TV shows and football but I dislike someone disrespecting me.... Things i do for fun or relax are:listening to music or watching movies...


Invested Amount: $2300

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Investment In Amount Investment Date Status
Djones Stock-Traders $125.00 2018-01-05 Expired
Cryptogainer Group $20.00 2018-01-10 Expired
CryptoBit Foundation $200.00 2018-05-28 Expired
Djones Stock-Traders $55.00 2018-05-28 Expired
Global Casino Group $120.00 2018-05-28 Expired
CryptoBit Foundation $5850.00 2018-12-05 Expired
Gold Digger Traders $7800.00 2018-12-05 Expired
Global Casino Group $6500.00 2018-12-05 Expired
AD Commodities Exchange $2300.00 2018-12-05 Active