Client Protection Policy

CryptoGainer Group is trying to provide excellent services for its clients worldwide. That's why we offer you our Client Protection Policy to ascertain that we vigorously oppose the sending of spam. Spam is unsolicited email sent in bulk. It is a major irritant to internet service providers and internet users alike. The sending of spam is also unlawful in many jurisdictions. All investors must abide by our strict anti-spam rules that prohibit spamming in any of its forms. Spam violators will be immediately and permanently removed from the program. If you see that our material is being involved in spamming activities, please notify us immediately!

Anti-Spam Policy

CryptoGainer Group Service has a zero tolerance policy for spam.

The CryptoGainer Group Service can send you emails in just a few exceptional cases:

- when you submit a Support request (you receive a message informing of an answer to your question);

- when you open a new account, you receive a message asking you to confirm your email address;

- when you request password recovery, you receive a message with a password.

Users of the Service may also receive email messages in other exceptional cases.

CryptoGainer Group Service reserves the right to mass mailing by email to all registered users only in case of emergency, if it is a matter of account safety or for new OFFERS.

We hope to maintain good service order and protect the interest of all our clients worldwide. Therefore, we have implemented a Client Protection Policy with guidelines for members to report disputes.For your protection, please read thoroughly below:


1. Do not open any emails or message which you not receive through email :
2. Do not freely provide your contact information, credit / debit card or bank account details to any USER on our website.
3. We recommend using our Payment Service Provider Secure System. Not only it will secure risks issues but provide you trust worthy gateway.
5. Occasionally use our Support service for getting Accurate Information & Latest Updates on any issues regarding our services.


If unfortunately the above mentioned measures failed to protect you ,write to us within 24hours  .we will verify and investigate your situation and provide you best information.

Scope of Coverage

  • i) If you sent funds to another USER by entering wrong Profile ID.
  • ii) You Deposit/Withdrawal in your account but not receive.
  • iii) Our Deposit/Withdrawn services was perceived as defective in terms of quality or timely delivery within 24 Hours.
  • v) Computing technical issues arising from our Sites or Services.

Cover not Available / Out of Scope

  • i) 24 Hours had expired since time of the alleged subject matter of complaint.
  • ii) Complainant expressly repudiated his agreement to our Terms of Use, applicable Policies or Procedures.
  • iii) Nature of complaint not capable of rectification by us, namely :

a)the eventual outcome of your communication with the Respondent.
b) the perceived attitude or inclination of further communication with the Complainant, as displayed by theRespondent

  • iv) Respondent's misbehavior as alleged is exclusively a matter of contravention of relevant national laws and regulations, including but not limited to pornography, deceit, theft.
  • v)Notwithstanding the above, for the protection of all members concerned including your goodself, we welcome your notification to us for reference.

Notice of Complaint

If the subject matter of your complaint falls within the scope of this Policy as described hereinabove, we will assist in the following manner. Your Notice of Complaint to us shall be in writing, taking note of:

  • i) Dissatisfaction with Service Quality- We require your evidence in support such as the relevant screen shots, photographs, webpages, video clips etc. These evidence will enable our speedy identification of the cause(s) of your dissatisfaction and provide solution(s) thereto.
  • ii) Dissatisfaction with Withdrawal Service-We require your evidence pointing to our Site, together with the relevant screen shots, photographs, webpages, video clips etc. Upon receipt of such kind of conclusive evidence, we will promptly adjudicate your Complaint with appropriate remedies.

Attempts to Reach Settlement

Our experience tells that misunderstanding / confusion arising from members communication is the prime cause of complaint, and which can often be settled amicably. In that aspect, we strongly recommened only to send mail or money to other USER,if you know the identity or other USER.

Upon receipt of your Notice of Complaint, we will refer the same to the Respondent who is required to file a written Response to you via us within 48 Hours. Absent such a Response, the Respondent will be deemed to be at fault.